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Boza Tech is a technology company that began in 2006, in Brunei Darussalam with a vision to harness the advancements of information technology for business growth and social welfare.

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Security Solutions & System Integration Networking Solution Software & Digital Solutions

System Integration

Boza Tech offers a wide spectrum of physical security systems that prevent unauthorized entry and keep high security areas of the premises protected from intruders. We have expertise in CCTV installation and door access systems integrated with IoT which enables remote monitoring. Our integrated security solutions ensure the safety of your assets and make the administration process much easier.


Networking Solutions

Boza Tech helps in building a robust and well-organized network infrastructure for businesses, companies, organizations and institutions. Our networking solutions are extremely organized, cost-effective, flexible to new adaptations and highly secure


Software & Digital Solutions

Boza Tech offers web development and digital marketing services that help companies/brands to improve their digital presence and broaden their reach across the globe. Our software and app development solutions make business operations more efficient. It allows the management team to access real-time data remotely thereby helps in better resource planning, stock control and order-monitoring systems. 

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