Wireless Access Point

If you need network connectivity, you need wireless access points. Bozatech in Brunei offers simple-to-deploy flexible and secure wireless solutions designed to enable your employees and customers to communicate and collaborate like never before. Bozatech wireless networking solutions empower any business network of any size to create highly mobile, highly productive work environments without breaking the bank. With products that provide excellent value across a wide range of scenarios, Bozatech wireless networks are scalable, easy to deploy, and manage – delivering reliable, secure connectivity, in a self-healing solution.

Software managed wireless access points

Bozatech Nucleus Connect is a centralized management and analytics solution that brings convenience, control, customizability, and cost-effective scaling to SMB (small-medium-sized business) networks. It enables network monitoring, management, and device configuration through a single, easy-to-use software interface. What’s more – it’s free to download and there are no licensing or support fees. Easily manage your network, anytime, anywhere.

Controller managed wireless access points

Bozatech unified wireless aps are highly manageable and scalable with high data transmission speeds, optional support for POE, and advanced security features up to 256 bozatech unified access points can be deployed and managed easily and efficiently. Once the APS are discovered by the Wireless controller, the administrator can push a specific set of configuration on to them rather than having to do so one by one.

In addition, RF resource Management and security are also managed centrally allowing administrators to preemptively identify potential deficiencies and weaknesses in the network.

Wireless access controllers

Unified wireless also provides a comprehensive secured wireless solution for easy integration into any network. The wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) featured in any wireless controller detects rogue access points, rogue clients, and can wireless anticipate threads, can help prevent potential breaches and illegal access before any damage is done to the network.