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Boza Tech Solutions is one of the best passive network cabling company based in Brunei. We are a reliable and fast data cabling solution provider which is a must-have for the success of your business. We have a team of professional network cabling service providers who are trying to improve the performance of your data cabling installations, giving your teams the potential to work faster and more efficiently with no interruptions, allowing you to focus on business development.

Boza Tech is an authorized and licensed installer for leading telecommunications manufacturers in Brunei. With decades of experience, our network cabling services and data cabling system installations are performed by highly-trained professionals who specialize in copper and fibre optic cabling solutions.

All types of networking & cabling works, wireless connectivity solutions like HPE ARUBA, D-LINK, Airpath and CISCO.

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The mission of the network cabling services Brunei

To provide the best network cabling solutions with a positive working environment that promotes continued education, personal growth, family and values. To prosper corporately and individually while maintaining the highest levels of professional business behaviour. The keys to maintaining our success and continued customer satisfaction as a structured network cabling contractor are

  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Customer Service and
  •  Integrity

Structured Voice & Data cabling installations

As the best quality network cabling company, we provide the following network cabling solutions.

  • New Computer and Network cabling installations, relocation of companies premises – including installation of voice and data cabling, relocation of servers, Internet and IT infrastructure.
  • Let us help project manage your companies relocation to ensure a stress-free move.
  • Repairs to faulty voice and data cabling wiring.
  • Server room and network cabling tidy and rewiring.
  • VOIP cabling installations.
  • Server room cabinet and raised floor installations.
  • UPS and generator installations.

Wireless Networking installations for buildings, offices and warehouses

BozaTech- Top quality network cabling service provider in Brunei, provides the various data cabling solutions

  • Installation of Ubiquiti Wireless networking access points (AP) for offices and warehouses.
  • Setup of Wireless mesh and roaming with single SSID for offices and warehouses.
  • Wireless point to point networking links between buildings and premises for companies (up to 20km)
  • Setup secure wireless network access for your guests separate from your company network.

Network Cabling services

A reliable and fast network cabling solution is a ‘must have’ for the success of your business.
We- network cabling contractor can improve the performance of your data cabling installations, giving your teams the potential to work faster and more efficiently with no interruptions, allowing you to focus on business growth now and into the future.

Why Choose Boza Tech – The best Network cabling company?

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Boza Tech Solutions – structured cabling system company have a team of professionals who will work for you to complete your as outlined. Our project manager will work dedicated to you.

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We offer competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the service and product. We provide qualified technicians around the clock.

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Boza Tech experts are trained to work around the clock and on weekends to meet all your cable & network needs.

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We have installed hundreds of meters of network cables in Brunei and we are very close to thousands and still running.

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We assist you in selecting and implementing the right connectivity to plug your equipment in a single common room.

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Call us & we will be there within 24 hours to complete a site survey. An estimate will be delivered and every process will be completed as per the time.

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