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    Cyber Security Solutions

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    Cybersecurity solution services brunei 

    In today’s computing world every new day is a newborn for malware, viruses, worms, spyware & Trojans. Neither all viruses act in the same way, the removal process also had its own difficulties. Across the whole world, companies spend more than 100 billion on security products. Cyber-attacks expands in volume-wise, the hacked data is sold on the black market at a  heavy cost. So it’s very important for companies to tie up with the latest technologies and become aware of cyber security threats. At bozatech we use our full-fledged knowledge to remove viruses it’s more than you have done at your home by scanning with help of anti-virus programs. We offer absolute cybersecurity solution services brunei and also reduce the potential damage to your systems and files.

    Cybersecurity solution services

    Protect Your Infrastructure By Cyber Security Solutions

    Network security services

    Network Security

    Digitalization transforms our world, our routines such as play, live-work & learns all are changed. Almost every organization expects its services to customers and employees must protect its network. Our Network security services helps protect proprietary information from attack. We assure our Ultimate Network security services  protects your reputation


    Fabric Management Center

    Extreme management centers fabric technology allows us to access our domains consistent, independently across both physical and virtual servers, storage & networks. Fabric technology’s design aspect helps to adapt your networks for varying traffic volumes and easily maintained with the minimal invention. Fabric management center easily addresses the core of any network infrastructure team across all mediums such as small, medium &large enterprises.

    End point security solutions 

    Multi-Cloud Security

    Bozatech provides a composite multi-cloud infrastructure design strategy with workload migration and planning for multi-cloud environments. Normally multi cloud security solutions include managed security services, risk and compliance management, & real-time monitoring solutions. We manage multi-cloud data security with Multi-Layered Security Framework and Automated DevSecOps Security Pipeline. We offer tactical composite multi cloud security solutions & consulting services in Brunei.

    Build A Shield Against Cyber Security Threads

    Application Security

    Bozatech application security services help to make sure that AppSec program success is measured by expert’s guidance, faster remediation, technical support it will give more opportunity to bring more application knowledge to your organization. Our app security specialists assist you prioritize remediation, provide context around fixes, finally helps launch a secure application for your organization.

    Application security
    End point security solutions 

    Endpoint Security and Device Protection

    End point security solutions & device protection is all about secure the end-user devices such as mobile, desktop & laptop from threads. Organizations looking for a simple, alternative, and affordable security platforms for their growth. In Bozatech we provide the best End point security solutions for your device protection.

    Secure Access

    Server access service it’s a new security approach that changes the way organization secure data, resources, and user present in the networks. Our growing secure access service combines security and network functionality into a unified global level cloud-based service.

    How Dangerous Is Your Cyber World

    Cyber Security Issues

    DDOS Attacks

    Distributed denial of service attacks are the most important cyber crime attacks in the last several years. The main objective of DDOS attack is to overload a server with access requests (in the form of catchy headlines) until it eventually crashes.

    Phishing Scams

    Phishing attack contains E-mail message that includes various kinds of psychological maneuver and deception to persuade user to click on that link and create path to sharing their personal information. Modern world phishing scams are incredibly sophisticated.


    Nowadays malicious software’s are established to our systems in different methods such as E-mail attachments, software downloads & operating system vulnerabilities. The main goal of malware’s is to grand permission for unauthorized access of our computers or systems.

    Secure Your Organization Digitally With Bozatech